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Soda Vending Machines in Las Vegas and Southern California

Whether you need something cold and refreshing or something hot and stimulating, Soda Man & Coffee Girl has the wide variety of quality, name brand beverages you need to save the day.

If it’s cold you crave, we have what you want. Not only do we offer Coke and Pepsi machines, but also generic machines that can house any mix of brands. Our machines are the most reliable available, meaning they’ll always be ready to vend beverages nice and cold…rather than leave you out in the cold.


Hot Beverage Machines

We also offer hot beverage machines that can flavor coffee, cappuccino and tea. Vending drinks in either 8- or 12-ounce cup sizes, these machines require virtually no cleanup. Also, they’ll help keep your employees in the office, rather than leaving throughout the day to get a cup or two of their favorite type of liquid stimulation. In the end, that equates to higher employee satisfaction and productivity.



Soda Man & Coffee Girl – the caped crusaders of premiere vending and office coffee services.
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