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Vending Machines in Las Vegas and Southern California

We may be the superheroes of vending, but there’s only so much we can do when we’re not at your location. That’s why we make sure to only employ vending machines that feature the latest in convenience and performance technologies.

Wireless Technology -
Our machines offer the highest in reliability and features that help us serve you better. For instance, wireless technologies built into the machine report to us what your inventory is looking like and what products are selling. That means we know what you need before leaving our warehouse. We also know what needs to be replaced with something new.  


Bill recyclers – provide the ability to return change in bills, rather than just coins.

Sure Vend – allows machines to determine whether a purchased product has “dropped” or not. If the latter, money is automatically refunded. No need to call for help!

Cashless vending – machines can accept credit or debit cards.

Energy Efficient – Our machines feature technologies that make them run more efficiently, consume less energy and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Now that’s something that’s truly worthy of a hero’s welcome.

Soda Man & Coffee Girl – the caped crusaders of premiere vending and office coffee services.
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