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Traditional Equipment

Office Coffee Service Las Vegas and Southern California

Office Coffee Service New York CitySoda Man & Coffee Girl offers a variety of coffee brewing equipment ensuring there’s a proper match for your office needs. We offer traditional equipment, such as Bunn and Newco pour overs and 3-pot burners, as well as airports.

They may be traditional, but these machines offer advanced features, including water level detection, adjustable brew safely lights and gravity hot-water faucet systems, allowing you to dispense hot water without altering brew volume.

Airpots are a great option to deliver hot, fresh coffee throughout the day. These pots connect to the brewer and coffee is dispensed right into the pot. Once finished, remove the pot, attach the lid and bring anywhere in the office.

Though these machines do a great job on their own, we regularly drop in to maintain and clean them. It’s during these trips that we also take the opportunity to manage everything you need for your break room.


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